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Below is our Kinesio Taping products catalogue. Products are available from your local retailer.

The Science of Kinesiology

The Kinesio Taping Method, a name which stems from the science of Kinesiology, was developed approximately 30 years ago by Kenzo Kase, D.C. as a therapeutic device to give assistance to weak muscles and provide rehabilitation benefits to the neurological system, and enhances the circulation of lymph and blood.

Kinesio Taping: Not Your Traditional Sports Taping

Kinesio Taping is fundamentally different than traditional sports taping. Traditional sports taping is applied with multiple layers of tape that stabilize and support, but this procedure does not allow the muscles and joints to move freely.

  1. Kinesio Tape | Kinesio Tex FP

    Kinesio Tex FP was developed exclusively for Medical Professionals Kinesio Tex FP is here with over 30 years of research and development. Advancements in technology have improved on the original world famous wave pattern design with a new NEW enhanced product weave (Patented FingerPrint technology) and adhesive to improve effectiveness,...
  2. Kinesio Pro Scissors

    Kinesio Pro Scissors Kinesio Pro Scissors are made from high carbon stainless steel which keeps the blade razor-sharp for years. Specially coated with black carbon and with a fluorine resin which enables the blades to cut clean, quick, and easy without leaving any residue. Kinesio Pro Scissors $55 CDN Available...
  3. The ® Stick Intracell Technology™

    The ® Stick with Intracell Technology™ Product Description Using Intracell Technology™ The Revolutionary Stick Helps to Strengthen Your Muscles and is Highly Effective in the Treatment of Muscle Pain and Trigger Points. Intracell Technology™ employs the use of a patented, proven, therapeutic muscle device that will improve the quality and...
  4. Kinesio® Taping for Lymphoedema and Chronic Swelling

    Book Description: Kinesio® Taping for Lymphoedema and Chronic Swelling This book will show you step-by-step, easy-to-read, full-color instructions for over 108 applications associated with lymphoedema, chronic swelling, and scar management. Lymphoedema is known to affect more than 12 million men, women, and children worldwide. It can affect any part of...
  5. Infinity™ 8-Board® Core Balance Trainer

    Infinity™ 8-Board® Core Balance Trainer The 8board® is the only core balance trainer device available that allows you to develop that exact same motion of the body’s core and hip area that top athletes work out in virtually every sport, That motion is a figure-8 which starts in the hips, emanating...
  6. HipTrac™ | Now Available in Canada

    HipTrac™ Product Description HipTrac™ is a first-in-class lightweight, portable device that replicates and complements the manual therapy techniques of long-axis hip traction. HipTrac™ addresses a growing medical need for a large aging population including the “baby boomers”, people with higher expectations, living longer, and increased obesity rates among western populations....
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