Infinity™ 8-Board® Core Balance Trainer

The 8board® is the only core balance trainer device available that allows you to develop that exact same motion of the body’s core and hip area that top athletes work out in virtually every sport,

That motion is a figure-8 which starts in the hips, emanating outward in a wave of centrifugal force, generating a tremendous speed, power, and control.

The 8board® also helps to develop core balance training and cross-dominant coordination and is regularly used by many medical professionals and in physical therapy.

Where Infinity™ 8-Board® is being used

A few areas where 8board® is being used include tennis, golf, baseball, football/soccer, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, boxing, martial arts, aerobics, pilates, and dancing.

The Infinity 8board® core balance trainer is also being used throughout the medical community in areas like sports medicine, rehabilitation, physical therapy, orthopedics, senior healthcare, and weight loss clinics.

Infinity™ 8-Board® $129.99 CDN

Order Infinity™ 8-Board®

Infinity™ 8-Board® are available through Kinesio Taping in Canada