How Does Kinesio Taping Differ and Compare To The Other Therapeutic and Sports Taping Methods?

Today, there are many therapy choices to address problems involving patients and athletes. Many of the more popular choices are devices that give direct stabilization and support to the affected area. These devices do a good job of temporarily decreasing symptoms and pain, but the side effects may outweigh the advantages.

Some devices reduce circulation causing muscles not to receive the much needed blood flow and thereby negatively affecting the clinical condition. Others restrict the natural range of motion, inhibiting overall performance and comfort. These major side effects are eliminated when using the Kinesio Taping Method.

There Are 3 Main Taping Techniques Recognized In North America

White Athletic Taping, McConnell Taping Technique, and Kinesio Taping Technique.

White Athletic Taping

White athletic taping technique is the most common in North America. White athletic tape is extremely rigid and requires a pre-wrap prior to application. Used for acute and preventative injuries. Left on for a short period of time, typically applied immediately prior to an activity and taken off immediately thereafter. This technique may cause skin irritation due to moisture entrapment, high latex content, skin compression, joint compression and muscle compression. No rehabilitative purposes or benefits are gained from this tape.

McConnell Taping Technique

McConnell Taping is a bracing or strapping technique using a super-rigid, cotton mesh highly adhesive tape (EnduraTape ®, LuekoTape®). Most commonly used for patellofemoral syndrome, shoulder subluxation, lumbar, foot, and hip impingement. Left on for no more than 18 hours due to causing adverse skin reactions. Typically left on for a shorter period of time due to its constricting and suffocating feel. Affects bio mechanics of patient. Primarily used for neuromuscular re-education of the affected condition. Widely accepted by the medical community.

Kinesio Taping Technique

Kinesio Taping is a therapeutic taping technique, not only offering your patient or athlete the support they are looking for, but rehabilitating the affected area as well. This technique uses a highly specific designed tape that works with the body allowing full range of motion (ROM). This technique will not adversely affect the bio mechanics of the patient. This latex free product makes it hypoallergenic and safe to use from the pediatric to geriatric populations. No compression to the skin makes it “light to the feel” allowing comfortable wear over a 3 to 5 day period. The water resistant fabric whisks away moisture and gives the patient the ability to bathe as normal. Kinesio Taping works with the lymphatic system to increase circulation of blood and lymph in order to rehabilitate and relieve pain. Used for virtually all clinical conditions.