HipTrac™ | Now Available in Canada

HipTrac™ Product Description

MedRock's HipTrac is Now Available in Canada through Berton Health Service Inc. operated by Dr. Roger BertonHipTrac™ is a first-in-class lightweight, portable device that replicates and complements the manual therapy techniques of long-axis hip traction. HipTrac™ addresses a growing medical need for a large aging population including the “baby boomers”, people with higher expectations, living longer, and increased obesity rates among western populations.

Performs Long Axis Hip Traction
Lightweight & Portable
Allows Osteoarthritis Hip Therapy in Clinical or Home Settings
The first Device Designed For Patients To Use Independently & Easily
Relieves Pain & Delays Need For Surgery

Health practitioners save time and energy with self-administered patient therapy using HipTrac™ clinically.

Work More Effectively
Work More Efficiently
Exert Less Physical Energy Compared to Manual Traction
Keep Patients Happy & Healthy
Thrive in a Changing Healthcare Environment

Clinical Benefits of HipTrac™

Natural pain relief that improves exercise tolerance for strength, conditioning, and weight loss
Improves mobility, range of motion, functionality, and quality of life
Less physical exertion for the practitioner compared to manual traction techniques
While one patient is on HipTrac you can begin treating your next patient
Create new referrals – Happy patients tell their physicians and friends
Long-term patient option for purchasing HipTrac for home use after discharge.

Indications for use:

HipTrac™ is used in the treatment of the hip joint related to osteoarthritis and other hip pathologies.

Joint Stiffness
Labral Pathology
Loss of Mobility
Muscle Tightness
Pre-Surgical Conditions
Compression Conditions
Femoral Acetabular Impingement

HipTrac™ Canada is operated by Berton Physiotherapy & Chiropractic, a Canadian distributor of MedRock’s HipTrac™.

Financing is available on a Lease To Own Program available for approximately $39 / month and available through RCAP Leasing. RCAP Leasing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada.

For more information visit HipTrac Canada

HipTrac™: $895.00 USD

The HipTrac is available through Kinesio Taping in Canada

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