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Offering Certified Kinesio Taping Courses and Kinesio Tape Products

Kinesio Taping in Canada offers Kinesio Taping Method training through Canadian Certified Kinesio Taping Instructors. In addition, we are a Canadian Kinesio Tape product distributor.

Kinesio Taping is a therapeutic and sports taping breakthrough that stands ahead of all other therapeutic and sports taping methods. This site provides information on Kinesio Taping Certification (seminars), the Kinesio Taping method, and Kinesio Tape products. This site is for health professionals, athletes, and consumers in Canada.

Kinesio Taping Course Description:

Our Kinesio Taping course curriculum reflects 25 years of educational seminars, symposiums, forums and professional sharing among tens of thousands of professionals.

About Day 1

The Day 1 course is designed to teach the fundamental concepts of the Kinesio Taping Method as well as the unique qualities of Kinesio Tex Tape and its uses related to human anatomy. During lab sessions, attendees will practice muscle and fascia applications for both upper and lower body, and will be taught how to relax overuse syndromes, stimulate weak muscles, and decrease pain and swelling. In addition, attendees will receive a full-colour Kinesio Taping Day 1 & Day 2 Workbook and a 60-day membership to the Kinesio Taping database to augment their training.

About Day 2

The Day 2 advanced concepts and corrective technique course builds on material leaned in Day 1. The instructor will teach six Corrective Technique (Mechanical, Functional, Space, Fascia, Ligament/Tendon, and Lymphatic) Applications for the treatment of a variety of clinical conditions and dysfunctions related to the spine and upper/lower extremities. Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to perform Kinesio Taping Method techniques and clinical applications for the treatment of pain, spasm, swelling, weakness, joint mobility and stability related to orthopedic & neurological conditions. Our curriculum reflects 25 years of educational seminars, symposiums, forums and professional sharing among tens of thousands of professionals.

About Day 3

Day 3 offers a brief review of the basic taping and assessment concepts learned in the first 2 day course. Advanced taping techniques and assessments are presented as Lecture Tutorials to introduce step by step applications for chronic edema, scar and fascial management, nerve taping as well as acute and chronic pain management. Participants will be offered ample lab time to practice each advanced technique guided by the Assessment Flowchart for clinical decision making. Case studies are presented for designing a clinically relevant application within a treatment program guided by the instructor. Case studies are then introduced for small groups of students to practice the variety of assessment techniques and advanced taping applications.

Upon completion of the Day 3 course and prerequisite Day 1 and Day 2 seminar, attendees will be eligible to request and take the exam to become a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP) if they desire.

The Original Kinesio Taping Course Not a Knock Off Course!2021-08-17T16:22:08-04:00

Ask your instructors how much experience they have and how many thousands of medical professionals they have taught.
Dr. Berton has taught over 100 Kinesio Taping courses across the world to thousands of medical professionals. Kinesio Taping in Canada never cancels courses due to a lack of attendance.

Real Science, Real Research and Real Results.

This is the original Kinesio Taping course not a knock off. If it doesn’t say Kinesio it’s not the real thing. Kinesio Taping is the original (elastic therapeutic taping) method with over 30 years of continuous research and perfection.

We have developed all aspects of Pediatrics, Myofascial, Lymph, Sports, Hand, Face, Neurological and Equine taping. The Kinesio Taping Association has been around since 1984 with over 20 books having been published since 1994.

Not only have we always offered a Superior Education but we also have a Super Product.

Kinesio Tex Tape is the only elastic therapeutic tape that has undergone continuous changes and improvements throughout the years.

If it doesn’t say kinesio it’s not the real thing.

Kinesio Taping is a Therapeutic and Sports Taping Breakthrough2021-08-17T16:22:13-04:00

Kinesio Taping is the first and only therapeutic and sports tape available that offers the following unique features:

Kinesio Taping offers the following unique features:

Kinesio Tape has 140% elasticity matching that of the skin, giving non-restricted support that allows muscles to perform a full range of motion, easily and comfortably.

A durable 3 to 4 day wearing period avoids the hassle of applying and removing traditional sports tapes every few hours. It also gives lasting support and pain relief.

The unique Kinesio Taping Method structurally lifts the skin and allows the flow of body fluids under the application area, reducing edema, inflammation, and discomfort.

Kinesio Tape has a 100% high grade cotton patented design that enhances comfort and channels out air, sweat, and water to enhance skin breathing.

Kinesio Tape is also durable and latex free.

Kinesio Taping in Canada Testimonial2021-08-17T16:22:18-04:00

Dr. Roger,

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what was happening in my practice since taking your Kinesiotaping seminar at the end of October in Edmonton. I was using the tape right away on the Monday and tried as many different applications that I could to see how this would really work. I was amazed (so were my patients) at the results.

I had a patient with pitting edema in the lower right leg that had been on diuretics for weeks with no results and two applications of kinesiotape he was able to put on his shoe again and stand with no pain! Chronic carpal tunnel of two years duration and a confirmed EMG study for muscle/nerve damage was corrected with 4 applications of kinesiotape over two weeks. Separated A/C joint and sprain of the SC joint was given noticeable relief and had my hockey player back on the ice in two applications. It is incredible how quickly this stuff works. That was always my frustration with athletes with acute injuries was what to do while we waited for sprains to heal. Thanks for your insight and training on this technique, it has changed my practice. Hope to talk to you again soon.

Dr. Paul D. Friesen, B.Sc., D.C.
Spruce Grove, AB

New For 2013 Kinesio Tex FP2021-08-17T16:22:24-04:00

For 2013 we now have the new revolutionary Kinesio Tex FP.

Developed exclusively for Medical Professionals Kinesio Tex FP is here with over 30 years of research and development. Advancements in technology have improved on the original world famous wave pattern design with a new NEW enhanced product weave (Patented FingerPrint technology) and adhesive to improve effectiveness, comfort, breathability and adhesive quality.

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